Street Outreach and Drop-In Center

Our team has experts in street culture, youth who identify as LGBTQ+, and youth who are trafficked or at-risk of being trafficked. We provide crisis intervention and focus on supporting youth in accessing a wide array of services, including through our Drop-In Center. Phone number: 915-330-9513

Nuestro equipo cuenta con expertos en cultura callejera, jóvenes que se identifican como LGBTQ+, y jóvenes que son traficados o en riesgo de ser traficados. Proporcionamos intervención en crisis y nos centramos en apoyar a los jóvenes en el acceso a una amplia gama de servicios, incluso a través de nuestro Centro de Acogida. Para más información comuníquese al 915-330-9513.

COVID-19 update (4/23/2020) Our Street Outreach and Drop-In Center staff members continue to triage and assist homeless youth that call our 24/7 homeless youth hotline.  In an effort to reduce possible transmission of COVID-19 to and from clients and staff members we have moved to modified outreach that is primarily done over the phone.  We have created a partnership with the City, County, and the Delta Center overflow shelter to have a driver (funded by the city and operated by the Delta Center) pick up youth 18-24 if they need to get to a shelter and cannot or are unable to take a bus.  We have also come to an agreement that this van driver will pick up any homeless youth (street or couch surfing) and take them to the drive-through testing site, emergency hotel stay (OEM), and back to the shelter once they have completed the quarantine time period.  Our Drop-in Center is technically closed but staff continue to assist youth that are at-risk of and/or are survivors of human trafficking.  Although out funds are limited, Drop-in Center is able to pay for short term emergency hotel stays for Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth.

Youth Emergency Shelter

Welcomes unaccompanied youth ages 11-17 experiencing disruptions in home life, who have run away, or who need foster care placement. We provide a supportive, therapeutic, youth development environment with enrichment activities and counseling. Phone number: 915-562-4712.

Da la bienvenida a jóvenes no acompañados de 11 a 17 años que estan desemparados, sin hogar, que se han escapado o que necesitan encontrar un hogar de crianza temporal. Proporcionamos un entorno de desarrollo y apoyo, terapéutico y de apoyo con actividades de enriquecimiento y asesoramiento. Teléfono: 915-562-4712.

Housing for Young Adults

Many 17-24 year olds  find themselves without a family support system and need additional coaching and assistance to transition to self-sufficiency and a healthy , productive adulthood. Housing assistance includes counseling, independence coaching, rental assistance, and other support. We also provide extra supports for females and individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. Phone Number: 915-565-8361

Muchos niños de 17 a 24 años se encuentran sin un sistema de apoyo familiar y necesitan entrenamiento adicional y asistencia para la transición a la autosuficiencia y una edad adulta sana y productiva. La asistencia de vivienda incluye asesoramiento, coaching de independencia, asistencia de alquiler y otro tipo de apoyo. También proporcionamos apoyo adicional para mujeres e individuos que se identifican como LGBTQ+. Teléfono: 915-565-8361.

COVID-19 update (4/23/2020) Our young adult housing programs are still placing homeless young adults into apartments through existing housing reimbursement funds. They are using prudent precautions (i.e. Social distancing, PPE, etc.) to serve clients. They are delivering food to the youth’s apartments on an as needed basis by communicating via phone and leaving the items at the door with no physical interaction. We are hoping to access some of the additional federal dollars to both keep our current clients housed and hopefully house more young adults. This team also has staff on-call 24/7 for clients.