Strong Families

Strong Families

Who we are

Ayudamos a familias que buscan recursos a navegar por los sistemas de atención y cuidado de El Paso y les guiamos a obtener los servicios apropiados y necesarios. Ofrecemos grupos comunitarios para padres con el fin de educar y enriquecer el conocimiento en los siguientes temas: Resiliencia, conexión social, conocimiento del desarrollo de padres e hijos, apoyo concreto en tiempo de necesidad, y comunicación: competencia social y emocional de los niños. Para más información comuníquese al (915)307-8043.

Strong Families is an integrated family support system employing outreach, training, and client engagement strategies which aim to reduce the number of children entering the child welfare system. The project aims to transform a promising existing community collaborative, The Family Leadership Council, into an integrated multi-system safety net to build protective factors for families and prevent child abuse and maltreatment in El Paso. 

Project Goals

  • Reduce new referrals and entry into the child welfare system by strengthening families and mobilizing the community through primary prevention strategies and engaging clients’ voices. 
  • Support child and family well-being and strengthen protective factors to prevent child maltreatment through an integrated multi-system collaborative with diverse stakeholders.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of strategies, practices, and activities implemented and reduction of confirmed cases of abuse or entry into foster care. 

Proposed Project Activity

Family Advisory Council: will represent the community by communicating needs to the Family Leadership Council.

Bilingual Website: resources, education materials, hotline information, and information about services that encourage engagement and understanding – Development in Process will be up by Mid-May

Public Awareness Campaign: will include PSAs, social media, billboards and mail-outs to targeted zip codes. 

Promotora Outreach and Education: persons of and from the community who will educate and inform residents about health and community services. 

Parent Cafés: small group gatherings to educate and enrich parents knowledge of five protective factors: Resilience, Social Connection, Knowledge of Parent and Child Development, Concrete Support in Time of Need, and Communication: Social and Emotional Competence of Children.

Navigation: primary point of contact for families searching for resources, assisting with navigating El Paso’s systems of care, and advocating for families to obtain appropriate and necessary services.

Provider Cafés: will bring community service providers together for information sharing, training on service offerings, and coaching on secondary trauma and self-care.

Community we seek to engage: Military and Latino families who reside in zip codes 79924, 79901, 79903, 79905, 79904.

For more information about our services or to enroll please call 915-307-8043.

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