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Is Being a Foster Parent a Good Fit for Me?

  • You are firmly committed to partnering with our agency and the State to keep children and youth safe.
  • You’re great with kids and understand that your role in their lives may be short-term.
  • You’re organized and able to support taking youth in your care to school, doctor and therapy appointments, and meetings with our team and Child Protective Services.

Being a foster parent is hard – but it’s the best work I’ve ever done. After 20 years of fostering teens who’ve grown up, there are lots of little ones who call me grandma.

– Foster Mom, El Paso

Special Needs in Texas

  • Foster families who can accommodate 2 or more children. Siblings removed from their biological family’s home fare better if they can stay together.
  • Foster families that really understand and appreciate adolescence. Teenagers need loving, resilient foster families who “get” that stage of life and can show them love and support while helping them cope with an uncertain future.
  • Foster families willing to work with children and youth who have a higher level of medical and behavioral health needs. Healing comes through acceptance and thorough follow-through on treatment and accessing expert support.

Upcoming Foster Care Informational Meetings


Percent of our foster parents that reported they were provided with the training and support they needed for their role.

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What Our Foster Parents Are Saying

  • "Although it's a hard journey in their life, I enjoy seeing them blossom into their own being through the love of foster parents, church, and teachers.'

    Elizabeth Chavez
  • "Ayudar a los niños que son nuestro futuro es lo mejor que me ha pasado en mi vida. Mis mayores experiencias han sido poder ver a los niños sonreír, saber de sus sueños y poder ayudar a que los logren. Poder estar ahí para darles la mano cuando lo necesitan, para motivarlos y enseñarles que todo en la vida se puede lograr."

    Maria Ortiz
  • "Opening our home to foster care has opened our hearts to love and nurture children when they need us the most. Seeing those little eyes hurting is heartbreaking but being able to comfort them is priceless."

    Sonia Valadez
  • "We tend to look at children like they have poor behavior instead of focusing on their troubled life. Donde ay un nino con problemas es porque hay un problema detrás del niño. I am so happy to be doing this because if we do not help these kids, who will."

    Maria Rodriguez
  • "Tal vez no podemos cambiar el mundo pero podemos cambiar el mundo de un niño en cuidado. Todos necesitamos una casa en la que vivir, pero una familia unida y amorosa es lo que construye la casa."

    Aletsy Lopez
  • Dear Rosie, thank you for helping me with my emotions. I will miss you a lot. My favorite memory will be meeting you.

  • I thank Angelica for being a wonderful counselor and for always being there for me and talking things out...I also thank her for helping me and my mom to get closer and better understand one another.

  • I love when you teach me how to be a good boy.

Community Updates

Are you ready to help a child heal?

Call for more information: 915.259.6382 (direct) Or Email:

How Does Our Staff Support You?

  • Available 24/7 to support you as you help a child heal from trauma.
  • Provides ongoing training, coaching, and problem-solving support.
  • Provides crisis intervention: We have 24-hour emergency on-call worker for all crisis situations.
  • When the going gets tough. We are joined by doctors, teachers, therapists, and case managers as a team to support you and the youth in your home.

“The work ethic of the employees in the agency is phenomenal. I always feel comfortable in going to them if I need help in anything. They love what they do and it shows.”

– Foster Parent

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