Foster Care Eligibility

Foster Care Eligibility

Please Note: Our program is a foster program exclusively (not an adoptive program).

  • All foster parents must speak English and/or be bilingual.
    • Applicants who are literate in Spanish but whose English is limited must present a plan to include someone within the immediate family or a treatment team member who is able to advocate or translate for a client when English is necessary to assure safety or well-being. Confidentiality applies at all times.
  • Treatment Parents must live within El Paso County; they must have a telephone; and they must have an insured automobile
    in compliance with all Texas laws to transport the client to outside activities and appointments.
  • Must be at least 25 years of age.
  • No criminal history or have proof of rehabilitation.
  • No child abuse history.
  • Emotionally and physically healthy.
  • Home must meet fire and safety guidelines.
  • High school diploma or GED.
  • US citizens or legal immigrants.
  • Criminal background checks for everyone 14 years or older and fingerprints for 14 years or older. This includes frequent visitors.
  • Computer literate or willing to receive training
  • Have some form of income in the home.
  • House must have internet access capability.

To receive more information, please call us at (915)259-6382 (direct) or (915)565-5021 (office) or fill out the form below. To Schedule an Appointment, please click the button below.

Meetings take place on the last Tuesday of every month at 6 pm.
Please RSVP to sign up: (915) 259-6382 or and you will receive an email or call with more information.

Are you ready to help a child heal?

Call for more information: 915.256.6382 (direct) 915.588.6542 (office) Or Email:

How Does Our Staff Support You?

  • Available 24/7 to support you as you help a child heal from trauma.
  • Provides ongoing training, coaching, and problem-solving support.
  • Provides crisis intervention.
  • When the going gets tough. We are joined by doctors, teachers, therapists, and case managers as a team to support you and the youth in your home.

COVID 19 Update

We are open and continue to serve our clients using all available precautions, including PPE, extra cleaning protocols, and social distancing. Our vehicles have sneeze guards between drivers and clients. We’re working hard to stay COVID-free!

“My foster mom has shown me wholehearted love and is doing a wonderful job guiding me.”

– Foster Child

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