Young Adult Rental Assistance

How We Support Young Adults With Housing:

  • Young adults between 18 and 24 who are experiencing homelessness may be eligible for rental assistance based on criteria that will be screened upon inquiry.
  • We have limited capacity for housing assistance. Housing assistance is time-limited, but may extend for up to 18 months, depending upon eligibility and funding source.
  • Our programs are inclusive and respectful of all participants. As in all of our programs, housing programs do not discriminate based on sex, sexual orientation, gender, or gender expression.
  • We offer case management and support services for all participants.

Before being housed in the program, I was sleeping outside in a park. Now I have an apartment and feel safe sleeping at night.

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Percent of our participants agreed that our housing program helped them and/or their family.

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Call: 915.330.9513

  • Professional staff standing by to help.
  • Immediate support for young adults.

Who Can Receive Services?

  • Young adults between 18-24 years.

“I am so grateful to this organization for providing services because my children and I really need it.”

– Center for Children Client

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