Youth Outreach & Housing

Why Youth Call Us

  • They ran away due to conflict at home
  • Their parents kicked them out of the house
  • They lost their job and got evicted from their apartment
  • They are tired of sleeping on friends’ couches
  • They’re tired of living on the street
  • They’re in a relationship with someone who is not treating them well

If you’re experiencing problems like those above, our team may be able to help – no judgment, we promise!   If you’re between ages 11 and 24, give us a call or reach us through Live Chat.


Percent of kids ages 11-17 who stayed at our shelter said they would come back if they needed help again.

Help With the Basics

  • Access to emergency shelter
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Personal care items
  • Access to phone, computer and email
  • Showers
  • Washer and dryer facility
  • Street survival and safety
  • Crisis intervention
  • Street survival tips

Supporting Long-Term Success

  • Counseling/mediation with family
  • Help with critical needs (identification, social security, health care)
  • Job readiness training
  • Education support
  • Continuous staff support
  • Apartment assistance or other housing referrals
  • Any family with a child under age 17*.
  • Any person of any age who has been a victim of a crime.
  • Parents expecting a child.
  • Must reside in El Paso County.

Need Support Now?
24-Hour Helpline: 915.330.9513

Drop-In Center
3720 Altura Ave. El Paso, TX / Building E

Emergency Shelter for Youth (11-17 years)
3710 Altura Ave. El Paso, TX / Building D

  • Professional staff standing by to help.
  • Immediate support for youth and young adults experiencing stress, trauma, upheaval, etc.

Who Can Receive Services?

  • Youth and young adults between 11-24 years.

“I was getting so angry and felt out of control. Thank you for helping me learn how to calm down and process what happened to me. Maybe now I can get back to feeling more like myself.”

– Rosa, age 16

Request an Appointment

For an appointment, email referral, or appointment request call (915) 565.8361 or click the button below.