Youth Outreach & Housing

Why Youth Call Us

  • They ran away due to conflict at home
  • Their parents kicked them out of the house
  • They lost their job and got evicted from their apartment
  • They are tired of sleeping on friends’ couches
  • They’re tired of living on the street
  • They’re in a relationship with someone who is not treating them well

If you’re experiencing problems like those above, our team may be able to help – no judgment, we promise!   If you’re between ages 11 and 24, give us a call or reach us through Live Chat.


Percent of kids ages 11-17 who stayed at our shelter said they would come back if they needed help again.

Help With the Basics

  • Access to emergency shelter
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Personal care items
  • Access to phone, computer and email
  • Showers
  • Washer and dryer facility
  • Street survival and safety
  • Crisis intervention
  • Street survival tips

Supporting Long-Term Success

  • Counseling/mediation with family
  • Help with critical needs (identification, social security, health care)
  • Job readiness training
  • Education support
  • Continuous staff support
  • Apartment assistance or other housing referrals
  • Any family with a child under age 17*.
  • Any person of any age who has been a victim of a crime.
  • Parents expecting a child.
  • Must reside in El Paso County.

Need Support Now?
24-Hour Helpline: 915.330.9513

Drop-In Center
3710 Altura Ave. El Paso, TX 79930 Building D

Emergency Shelter for Youth (11-17 years)
3720 Altura Ave. El Paso, TX 79930 Building E  

  • Professional staff standing by to help.
  • Immediate support for youth and young adults experiencing stress, trauma, upheaval, etc.

Who Can Receive Services?

  • Youth and young adults between 11-24 years.

Covid 19 Update

We are open and continue to serve our clients using all available precautions, including PPE, extra cleaning protocols, and social distancing. Our vehicles have sneeze guards between drivers and clients. We’re working hard to stay COVID-free!

“I was getting so angry and felt out of control. Thank you for helping me learn how to calm down and process what happened to me. Maybe now I can get back to feeling more like myself.”

– Rosa, age 16

Request an Appointment

For an appointment, email referral, or appointment request call (915) 565.8361 or click the button below.