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What Makes Us Unique?

We have the first and only Drop-in Center in the El Paso region that specializes in serving youth who are at risk of and/or experiencing commercial sexual exploitation/human trafficking.

The Drop-In Center helps provide for immediate needs, including safety planning, crisis counseling, and opportunities for engagement in services for youth who are likely at risk of and/or survivors of sex trafficking.

Available 24/7 via our youth hotline, we are able to provide immediate crisis intervention and pick up any youth between the ages of 11-24 who are at-risk or victims of trafficking, homelessness, runaway, or other unsafe living conditions that place youth at risk of sexual exploitation.

We can connect youth to immediate needs (showers, washing clothes, food, clothing, rest, etc.) as well as connect youth to case management, counseling, advocacy, and many other services through our community partners.

Our primary purpose is to meet youth where they are at, without judgment, removing stigma, and supporting them throughout their journey.

What do youth receive at the Drop-In Center?

  • Case Management
  • Access to Emergency Shelter
  • Access to Long-term Housing
  • Food & Clothing
  • Phone Use
  • Health & Wellness Education
  • Counseling
  • Hygiene Products
  • Outreach
  • Quiet Resting Room
  • Computer Access
  • Referrals
  • Transportation Support
  • Emergency Storage for Personal Items

A Safe Place to Find Community and Hope

Our Drop-in Center is the only point of connection for young people who may not want to go to shelters and are a way to engage them in relationships and provide basic services.

Unlike other services that have restrictive rules, our drop-in center breaks down barriers and takes a “come as you are” approach to engaging youth in services. We do not turn youth away due to mental health issues, current substance use, etc. We use a harm reduction approach and want youth to enter our Drop-in Center no matter what their current situation is.

We provide critical services that address youth’s “higher level” needs (e.g., substance use treatment, mental health care, HIV-related programs), when most other places will turn them away.

“Because the staff are so kind and such great people, I feel safe here.”

– Center for Children Client

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